From webcomics to video games, novels to comedy videos,  No Fun Ever does not limit itself to a single form of media – solely because neither of the members could agree. Founded from the need to shorten the credits on the frequent “Creative Collaborations*” (*used loosely) between Haydn Chapman and Tyler Ellis Stephen Baray, Esq., they agreed that No Fun should be had – ever – and it stuck.


Tyler Ellis Stephen Baray, Esq. the First

Dungeon Master, The Smug Guy, Stuck Up Know-it-All
 Close friends often describe Tyler as “unstable” or “a rageaholic”. Some go so far as to say he “looks like he doesn’t want to be there” or wonder why “he can’t just smile for once”. But Tyler knows they’re just admiring his intensity as an artist.

“I’m very protective of my work.” He would say. “And I have to defend my artistic vision; sometimes with strong words, yes. But sometimes? With the crowbar I keep in my trunk.”

Mr. Baray’s identity as an artist is closely tied to how angry he is; at the state of the entertainment industry, at his audience but mostly with his editor who has to stop him from drawing nuclear fireballs all day. It’s Mr. Baray’s anger that’s informed the course of his entire body of work, from it’s bleak hopelessness to it’s rigid adherence to scientific accuracy (when magic isn’t involved). Everything he does is out of spite for more successful, more marketable franchises.

Haydn C. Chapman

Wilfred Sanddrinker, The Other Smug Guy, Community Support
“(He’s) an  narcissist with an inflated view of his own self worth(…)” raves his Psychiatrist.
“The worst. Simply the worst.” Tyler praises.
A man of many talents, mostly involving avoiding doing any actual real work, Haydn Chapman is the guy who pretends he is vital to the team while providing no actual real proof of work. He is the guy who will tell you he is right, until you admit he’s right, even when he’s wrong. He’s an avid fan of My Little Pon- no I’m not. Stop spreading lies, Tyler. I am not an narcissist, nor am I fan of My Little Pony. I just love the way this MLP Shirt frames my beautiful face.

Bon Bon the Head Admin

Cat, Kitten, More Words for Cat

Somehow she ended up being the Head Admin and now none of us can log into the admin panel.

Chanel Cherie Baray

Haydn's Girlfriend, Artist, Unemployed

She doesn’t want an about me, she says it makes her more mysterious.